kurt prohaska – jazz piano : my ambition

My ambition is...

  1. ... to play jazz which is not just contemporary mainstream, but which is infused with classical beauty,
  2. ... to maintain a repertoire which is based on the Great American Songbook but also on the most beautiful, interesting and some of which are rarely heard works of the jazz legends,
  3. ... to express my adoration of the greats of the world of jazz – the most important of which being my friend and mentor, Hank Jones,
  4. ... to approach the traditional with great respect and nevertheless with a modern touch,
  5. ... to give all interpretations my own personal stamp,
  6. ... to entertain my audience,
  7. ... to give my musicians plenty of space as soloists,
  8. ... to contribute to the success of promoters on various levels,
  9. ... to reach audiences, musicians and event holders with my love of classic jazz,
  10. ... not ever to stop learning.